2012 Western States 100 Mile Run Results

5 amUnusually mild weather conditions during the 2012 Western States 100 Mile Run contributed to record breaking results.  The men’s record, previously held by Geoff Roe, was broken by Timothy Olsen in 14 hours, 46 minutes; the women’s record, previously held by Ann Trason, was broken by Ellie Greenwood in 16 hours, 47 minutes.  Of the nearly 400 runners, 148 completed the race in under 24 hours.  Runners experienced fog, rain and snow during the first 1/3 of the race (some of the worst weather conditions in the race’s history), but later benefited from cool 70 degree temperatures.  Kilian Jornet, defending champion from Spain withdrew from the race after losing a close friend during a climb in the Alps just one week before race day.  Randy Van Dusen, motivated by his promise to run the final lap at Placer High School with K-9 partner Bodie (still recovering from a gunshot wound), finished the race in under 30 hours.  Chris Conwell and David Schurr, both Cool residents, also finished well under 30 hours.  Congratulations!  This was Greg Soderland’s final year as race director.  Greg has so adeptly handled the many challenges in recent years, when fires and late snow conditions threatened the course.  Thank you Greg!

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