Cross Training with Hot Yoga

At 55, I can appreciate the challenge, retiring from an incredible athletic career Lance Armstrong must be experiencing.  If you’ve witnessed any portion of this year’s Tour de France, you’ve also witnessed a gifted competitor loosing his edge.  Those of us hanging on to any resemblance of athleticism as we age, have to admire his spirit and results.  Recently, someone suggested yoga as a method of cross training to enhance one’s conditioning and reverse some of the sources of pain and injury resulting from participation in other sports over the years.  In this particular case, the suggestion was to try “hot yoga” or Bikram style yoga.  I’d never heard of it!  Well, I tried it.  It nearly killed me, but I’ll be going back for more!  Traditional hot yoga takes place in a room heated to 105 degrees.  I’m told my classroom was only in the upper 80’s.  The heat warms your muscles, preventing injury and allowing for a deeper workout.  It’s 90 minutes of detoxing (sweating), stretching, heavy breathing, and strength training at an increased heart rate.  I’m told it’s great heat training and conditioning without pounding the trails or spinning the pedals.  Give it a try!

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