Georgetown Divide Runners Selected for 2011 WS100 & Way Too Cool

The 2011 Western States 100 Mile Run is scheduled on June 25th.  384 Entries, including the 219 lottery selections, are hoping to remain healthy and injury free during the final months leading up to the race.  Diana Lundy, David Schurr and Allyson Thomas Conwell, all from Cool, will be representing the Georgetown Divide.  On March 12th, Way Too Cool 50K Run will unveil a new trail course.  16 entries out of 675 total reside on the Divide.  These are Steve Natzel from Pilot Hill, Donald Wilkison from Georgetown, Richard Valentine and Barbara Johnson from Greenwood, and the following all from Cool:  Chris Conwell, Kathy Young, Diana Lundy, Adam Natrass, Beate Anderson, James Anderson, Jim Kreofsky, Marcia Kreofsky, Frank Lieberman, William Drescher, Michele Cullenward, and Jim Sale.  Congratulations to all runners for being selected and good luck!

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