Horse Rescue & Animal Sanctuaries on the Georgetown Divide

In 2005, supported by a handful of out of the area volunteers and board members, Gloria Pearson began rescuing marketable horses, rehabilitating them, and placing them.  Gloria has found new homes for roughly 100 horses.  Equines arrive freshly off the track, from feed lots, through the pregnant-mare-urine industry, and after being notified by other rescue groups.  Gloria accepts new candidates knowing she may be taking responsibility for the balance of the horse’s life.  Most of her current 15 horses remain at pasture, but she still budgets for an annual hay purchase.  Private tours are offered by appointment for Friday-Saturday-Sunday.  Contact Gloria and Performance Equine Rescue Network by phone at (530)889-1445 or by email,  At present, she is seeking experienced horsemen to volunteer in various capacities, including grooming.  For more information including purchase applications, refer to

In just 4 years, Kathy and Jim Hart have created Hartsong Ranch Animal Sanctuary.  2010 marks the first year donations fully supported the organization.  Here, the mission is to create a home for the unwanted, many with disabilities including blindness, and foster educational opportunities which create respectful ways to communicate with nature.  Currently, the Hartsongs along with 8 dedicated volunteers care for 49 animals.  Don’t be surprised to see cows, sheep, goats, pigs and geese among the horses.  Watch for fund raisers throughout the year, including a food contest held in February (date TBD).  Tours are by appointment and will be limited to Sundays in the spring.  Contact by email preferred at or (530)887-1263.  Do check out their website for more information,  Both organizations survive by private contributions.  Their dream to help animals in need echoes desires many of us may also have.

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