Unbranded’s Ben Masters visits Auburn Ca & the Georgetown Divide

On January 12th, Ben Masters and Lanny Leach entertained and educated a sold out crowd at the State Theater in Auburn.  Proceeds from the event benefited Western States Trail Foundation, which was responsible for inviting the “mastermind” (Masters) of the film Unbranded.  Masters and 3 friends from Texas A & M adopted, trained and rode or packed 16 wild mustangs from the Mexican border to the Canadian border.  Lanny Leach was one of the professional trainers who helped select the mustangs and “start” their training.  The story began with a “kickstarter” campaign to fund the project and documentary that took the aggies 3,000 miles over 5 states in 6 months.  It’s apparent, what began as a sidetrack from school and work became a passion that is leading this Texas aggie on a course he would never have imagined.  You can watch the film on Netflix or Comcast on Demand or explore the story yourself at unbrandedthefilm.com.  Lanny Leach has since been training nearly 200 mustangs at the Northern California wild horse sanctuary Montgomery Creek Ranch.  Masters promised to return here to ride the Tevis Trail.  Inspiring!

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