Wearing Masks

A sport mask; have you thought about wearing one?  Not that long ago, we hiked a well-traveled trail and noticed that most of the hikers, joggers, horseback riders and cyclists were wearing masks.  I had previously thought we would be fine since we planned to distance ourselves.  Do your own homework regarding this, but it did make sense.  You can’t exercise without breathing heavier and potentially spreading bacteria further.

When choosing a mask, the CDC suggest you consider the following: select masks that have at least 2 layers, are washable, are breathable, cover the entire nose and mouth and fit snugly.  In addition, avoid using masks with vents that could allow particles to escape, and avoid using ski masks or knit scarfs as a substitute.

There are several choices and articles that provide comparisons.  A few that interested me were manufactured by these companies: Under Armour, Zensah, Brave New Look, Jaanuu, Reebok and SMRTFT.  Many of them had an antimicrobial treatment, offered sizes, were washable and breathable, were designed to have filters inserted, were developed for sports activities, and even crafted by companies that also made scrubs.  Give it some thought!

Live where you play!

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