Wilderness First Aid – Take a class Before You Need It!

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By Deb Peter


What would you do if you took a tumble while recreating alone in the wilderness and you had no cell service to call for help?  Would you know what to do if you found someone who clearly needed medical attention?  Would you even try to help?  Many of us are familiar or even members of CALSTAR, but have never given “first aid” a thought.

A few months ago, that was me.  Then I took a “tumble”.  Fortunately I was accompanied by a very capable friend, who was able to address my wounds, get me to the car and transport me to Urgent Care.  Alone, I might have been unable to stop the bleeding, gone into shock, or fallen again.

Peak Skills LLC and National Outdoor Leadership School are 2 organizations who offer Wilderness First Aid courses to anyone planning to spend time in the outdoors.  Both offer 16 hour, 2-day classes to provide certification in Wilderness First Aid.  The goal is to learn how to approach someone, assess their condition, document findings and apply preliminary medical care with whatever resources you have.  Then, if appropriate, assume the responsibility of reaching professional emergency services.  NOLS is nationwide and is offering a class on January 28th and 29th through Sacramento REI Outdoor School.  Peak Skills LLC is located in Vallejo and is offering a class on December 17th and 18th.  You can find additional information for both organizations at www.peakskillsllc.com and www.nols.edu/wmi/courses/wildfirstaid.shtml.  Terri, the founder of Peak Skills LLC, is a retired registered nurse and active herself in the outdoors.  Teaching relevant skills to apply first aid in remote areas has become her passion.  She too was motivated by an accident; in her case, she received severe injuries while climbing, and had to keep her wits long enough to tell others what to do.  Take the class before you need it!

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