Cool Ride & Tie

Thanks to Auburn Lake Trails and Ride Manager, Linda Shaw, for hosting another fun community event – the Coolest Run and Ride & Tie (September 18th).  It is events like this that remind local residents how fortunate we are to live here, and expose newcomers to our lifestyle.  We are a diverse population with diverse interests.  On any given day, without traveling very far, we can participate in golf, swimming, hiking, trail running, trail horseback riding, road cycling, mountain biking, rafting, kayaking, and jeeping.  In the book The Seasoned Traveler, they delineate that baby boomers no longer want to sit idle when they travel; they want to travel to and reside in places that provide activity.  We are and can be one of these sought after destinations.  As one of the volunteers, I saw the joy in the participant’s faces and was once again reminded of why we live here.  Thanks to everyone who supported this event.

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