Nevada Long (Horseback) Riders Coming to Sacramento

On this rainy Saturday, as I compile a list of upcoming events, a website appeared I had not encountered before:  The mission of this site is to encourage Wild Horse Adoption through challenging “long rides” or long distance travel by horse.  Samantha, a former U.S. Army journalist, moved to Nevada in 2008 and fell in love with the sight of wild horses.  After learning that many waste away in holding pens, in 2010, she began planning for the 1st Nevada Discovery Ride.  Samantha is now a member of Long Riders Guild ( after completing her 2nd Ride and the required 1000 continuous miles in a single journey by horseback.  This international organization offers membership by invitation only.  You’ll find both sites very informative and inspiring.  The Long Riders’ Guild Academic Foundation is a forum where scientists, poets, authors, historians, soldiers and equestrian experts share wisdom with the public at no direct financial gain.  Samantha is scheduled to talk at the upcoming Horse Expo in Sacramento this June.

Nevada Long (Horseback) Riders

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