Snow conditions in the Sierras challenges Runners and Horseback Riders

After hearing that the Tevis Cup 100 Miles in One Day Ride was postponed until October 8th – 9th due to hazardous trail conditions and a desire by organizers to also assure participants of a more enjoyable experience, Jim and I decided to travel to the high country to see the Trail ourselves.  The attached photo of Squaw Valley, taken June 19th, gives credence to this historical postponement.  As for the Western States 100 Mile Run, the June 25th – 26th date remained unchanged.  Organizers of this event alerted participants that they would be encountering snow packed trail conditions over the first 30 miles of the trail.  An already challenging event, this year became even more challenging.    The vacancy on July 16th – 17th created by the postponement of the Tevis, provided an opening for both the Tevis Education Ride and the El Dorado Equestrian Trails Foundation Dru Barner Fun Ride.  Existing Tevis entries and Tevis Education Ride entries must both complete new applications to participate.  In 2011, Nature has prevailed.

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