Georgetown Divide Trails Benefit From Community Volunteers

While we are thinking about year-end celebrations, and considering where we will focus our attention next year, I want to thank the many people that contribute to our life within the Georgetown Divide, in diverse ways. Some offer leadership, some provide support, and some quietly tackle tasks on their own without recognition.

The list of benefits is extensive; some of which follow:

  • trails are developed and maintained
  • trails are marked with directional signs
  • funding for programs is acquired
  • classes are offered
  • programs are created for runners-cyclists-horseback riders to merge efforts and safely recreate together
  • horses and other animals are protected and saved
  • club members clean up our highways
  • rebuilt bikes are provided to those less privelaged
  • emergency response programs are coordinated
  • trail maps are drawn
  • social outdoor activities are organized
  • support is offered to our Forestry, Parks, and BLM
  • fun days are organized
  • nationally recognized races are hosted
  • property values increase

Even participants in athletic events contribute, by drawing attention to local events and reminding us why we live here. If no one runs, rides, or cycles the trails, the contributions decline, and the benefits in associated amenities disappear. Fortunately, this won’t happen, thanks to a growing desire to remain active in conjunction with community volunteer efforts. Thank you all! See you on the trail sometime and somewhere!

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