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June Calendar


Sundays:  Victory Velo Intermediate Paced Road Bike Ride, 8 – 10:30a.m.  Contact dan@victoryvelo.com or 885-3986.

Sundays:  (except 2nd Sundays) Bella Fiore Ladies Intermediate Road Bike Ride, 9a.m.  Meet at Flower Farm, Loomis.  Contact Leslie at 916-261-1297.

Tuesdays:  Pointed Rocks Training Hill Hike, 5:30p.m., www.sacramentotrailmix.com.  

Wednesdays:  Cool Cycling Club Moderate 1-3 Hour Road Bike Ride.  Meet at Holiday Market parking, 9a.m.  Contact Rich at 889-2097 or John at 885-8661.  Helmets.

Thursdays:  Pointed Rocks Training Hill Hike, 4:30p.m., www.sacramentotrailmix.com.

Fridays:  Bella Fiore Ladies Beginner Level Bike Ride at Beal’s Point, 9a.m.  Email to confirm, michelle@bicycleemporium.com or 916-747-1686.

Saturdays:  Cool Running Club Run, Olmstead Loop, 8a.m. (all levels).  Contact Chris or Micki at 823-7117 or horseraser@aol.com.

Saturdays:  Morning runs.  Contact bob@auburnrunningcompany.com or 823-2002.

Jun 1st:  Auburn State Recreation Area Canyon Keepers meeting at Canyon View Community Center in Auburn, 6:15p.m., www.canyonkeepers.org.

Jun 1st,15th,25th:  Horseback Fun Ride Nights at Granite Bay Equestrian Center, 6 – 8p.m., www.auburnrec.com

Jun 2nd:  Sierra Club Lake Clementine Trail Hike.  Meet at American River Confluence bulletin board, 9:30a.m.  Contact Sheila at 886-0673. 

Jun 5th:  35th Annual Sierra Century Bike Ride, www.sacwheelmen.org.  Start/Finish Rocklin.     

Jun 5th:  National Trails Day, www.americanhiking.org

Jun 5th:  Foresthill Divide Loop Trail Hike, www.canyonkeepers.org.

Jun 5th:  Imagine!  Dancing Horses, Auburn.  Contact 887-9573 or www.imaginedancinghorses.com or www.horsesforhealing.com.

Jun 5th:  REI Roseville Members Only Used Gear Sale 10a.m. – 1p.m.   

Jun 6th:  Olmstead Loop Challenge mountain bike race, www.globalbiorhythmevents.com.

Jun 6th, 13th, 20th:  Cool Cycling Club Breakfast Ride, 8a.m.  Meet at ALT 3rd gate (www.meetup.com/coolcyclingclub).  Contact John at 885-8661.  Helmets.

Jun 7th:  Trailsfest, 5:30 – 10p.m. @ Earthtrek Expeditions.  Contact david@arconservancy.org.

Jun 10th:  EDETF annual bar-b-que at Rock’n H Ranch.  Contact Jerry at 333-1652.

Jun 10th:  Cool Cycling Club Monthly Social, 6:30p.m.  Call John at 885-8661 or www.meetup.com/coolcyclingclub.

Jun 11-13th:  Western States Horse Expo – Sacramento, www.horsexpo.com or 672-7490.

Jun 12th:  Wildest Ride in the West/Auburn Century, www.wildestride.com.

Jun 12th:  REI Folsom Members Only Used Gear Sale 10a.m. – 1p.m.

Jun 12th:  For the LOVE of Horses Wine Tasting & Benefit Dinner – Sacramento, www.safehavenhorserescue.org

Jun 12th:  Cool Cycling Club Road Bike Ride, Georgetown – Stumpy Meadows, 9a.m., www.meetup.com/coolcyclingclub

Jun 13th:  Bella Fiore Ladies Intermediate Road Ride, 9a.m.  Meet at Bicycle Emporium, michelle@bicycleemporium.com or 916-747-1686.

Jun 13th:  19th Annual American River Confluence Festival, American River Overlook in Auburn, 9a.m. – 4p.m. 

Jun 14th:  ALT Equestrian Committee Meeting, 6:30p.m.  Contact Heidi at 887-9507.

Jun 16th:  Divide Horsemen’s Association Monthly Potluck meeting at Greenwood Community Center, 6:30p.m.

Jun 17th:  South Fork American River Cleanup.  Contact elena@arconservancy.org

Jun 18-19th:  Western States 100 Trail Projects, Robinson’s Flat campout, Lyons Ridge – Robinson’s Flat trail work, www.ws100.com.

Jun 19th:  NATRC Competitive Trail Ride, Georgetown.  Contact hsteenman@yahoo.com or 333-4364 or siselliot@att.net or 887-9785.

Jun 19th:  FATRAC Try the Divide Loop Trail Mountain Bike Ride.  Contact Craig @ 916-663-9608. 

Jun 19th:  Ride to Walk 25th Anniversary 5K Run, Lincoln, www.ridetowalk.org

Jun 19th:  Cathy Rohm show, 8a.m., KFOK 95.1 FM, www.kfok.org.

Jun 20th:  Cool Cycling Club Mountain Bike Ride – Cronan Ranch, 8a.m., www.meetup.com/coolcyclingclub.

Jun 25-26th:  ReBalance 2-day Riding Clinic with Zsuzsu Illes, www.saddlesthatfit.com.

Jun 26th:  Cool Cycling Road Bike Ride, ALT 3rd gate – Finnon Lake, www.meetup.com/coolcyclingclub.     

Jun 26-27th:  37th Annual Western States 100 Mile Run, www.ws100.com.

Upcoming Events:

Jul 10th:  Gold Country Ride & Tie, Georgetown, www.rideandtie.org

Jul 10th:  Gold Country 30/50 Endurance Ride, Georgetown, www.aerc.org.

Jul 17-18th:  Cool Moon 24hr/12hr day/12hr night/10K Run, robert@ultrarunner.net

Jul 18th:  Tahoe Rim Trail 50K/50M/100Mile Run, www.tahoemtnmilers.org.    

Jul 24-25th:  Western States 100 Miles in 1 day Trail Ride/Tevis Cup, www.teviscup.org.       

Jul 25th:  Old Town Criterium (Auburn), www.globalbiorhythmevents.com.

Aug 14th:  The Wildest Run in the West 100K/13.1 mile/10K Run, www.ultrarunning.com.

Sep 18th:  Coolest Run and Ride & Tie, www.rideandtie.org.    

Oct 16th:  Knickerbocker Canyon 8 Hour Mountain Bike Endurance Race, www.globalbiorhythmevents.com.

Oct 16th:  Rock’n River 50 mile Run, Auburn.  Contact robert@ultrarunner.net.     

Jan 3rd:  Registration opens for America’s Most Beautiful Bike Ride, www.bikethewest.com

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