Cool Ca Lottery Picks for WS100 and Way Too Cool 2013

On December 8th 2012, 398 entries were chosen by lottery for the 40th Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run on June 29th and 30th.  Cool resident, Jeremy Meyers was one of those selected.  Jeremy was also picked to compete with nearly 20 other Cool runners for the 17th annual Way Too Cool 50K Run.  Keeping him company will be Paul Amaral, William Drescher, Kirk Edgerton, Dustin & Michaella Burgess, Diana Lundy, James Anderson, Shauna Shultz, Richard Grimm, Herb Tanimoto, Chris Conwell, Randall Harris, Frank Lieberman, Marcia & Jimmy Kroefsky, Heather Hunter, Douglas Straight and Rich Blair.

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