Western States 100 Mile Run 2009

Congratulations to our local 2009 entries for the Western States 100 Mile Run, which starts at Squaw Valley and finishes in Auburn. As of May 13th, 446 entries are scheduled to compete on June 27th – 28th. Of those, 13 are from Auburn and the Georgetown Divide. They are: Dennis Curley, Bill Finkbeiner, Tom Harper, Michael Huss, Mathew Keyes, Glenn Meeth, Ryan Rivera, and Kathy Welch, all from Auburn; Linda Hurd, Diane Lundy, Nancy March, David Schur, from Cool; and Don Wilkison from Georgetown. With the cancellation of the 2008 Run, this year’s event offers more depth in competition and more entries. Scott Jurek is returning, hoping to finish first for the 8th time. “States” participants are among some of our most obvious trail devotees. All entries are required to document trail work during their training.

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